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Bootstrap your integration testing database

Testing your application against a real database and pseudo-real data is quite a challenge. I'm going to show you how to automate the process of creating a test database with its schema and filling it with data, all with tools you might already be familiar with, including Nette Tester and Doctrine 2 along with Doctrine Migrations and Data Fixtures.

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Filtering data by user input with Kdyby/Doctrine

Listing data is essentially the most crucial part of websites. Be it products, articles, photos or whatnots, we usually need to provide the user the way to filter and/or sort the data by some preset parameters. I'll show you how to encapsulate such filtering within an object, build a user interface (in other words, a form) upon it, and use it with Kdyby/Doctrine's query objects to actually filter the data on the database level.

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Introduction to Kdyby/DoctrineForms

Last December, I implemented smart forms via Kdyby/DoctrineForms on this blog. Since the documentation of the package seems to be quite lacking in its scope, I decided to share with you how to overcome the pitfalls I had encountered and make it work.

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