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Filtering data by user input with Kdyby/Doctrine

Listing data is essentially the most crucial part of websites. Be it products, articles, photos or whatnots, we usually need to provide the user the way to filter and/or sort the data by some preset parameters. I'll show you how to encapsulate such filtering within an object, build a user interface (in other words, a form) upon it, and use it with Kdyby/Doctrine's query objects to actually filter the data on the database level.

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Decoupling components from presenters

In order for components in Nette to be as reusable as possible, it is necessary to decouple them from presenters. The cleanest way out of this is to invert the dependency. After all, it's the presenter that requires the component, not vice versa.

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Shared component factories using traits

Do components shared across multiple presenters bloat your BasePresenter? Well, PHP 5.4 comes with a solution to this, with these snippets of reusable code called traits.

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