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I started playing with PHP back in 2009 and have been developing in it professionally since 2012. I am most proficient with Nette Framework and Doctrine 2 ORM. I’ve also fallen in love with modern JavaScript, both client-side with React.js and server-side with Node, Express, etc. I have worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ and other exciting technologies. I also manage my own little Debian VPS that runs Nginx and PHP-FPM, as well as some of the aforementioned software.

I use common sense at work and enjoy participating in the design process of web development as well. I strive to make websites as easy to use and navigate as possible. My primary focus is still development, though.

  • PeckaDesign

    I started my professional career at PeckaDesign in Brno. I spent the vast majority of my three years there working on Megapixel.cz, a leading Czech e-commerce site for photographers. I helped rethink and refactor the community gallery code, and implemented an online photolab service, handling large amounts of uploaded files via modern JavaScript (XHR2) and Nginx’s file upload module.

  • Rohlik.cz

    Rohlik.cz is a Czech startup running an electronic grocery store, delivering goods in the Czech Republic’s two largest cities, Prague and Brno. Dispatching over 1500 orders each day, the project’s codebase utilized technologies such as Elasticsearch to list products without relational database lookups, or RabbitMQ to perform various tasks asynchronously.

  • Bachelor’s degree
    2016Bachelor’s degree

    Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno

    In mid-2016, I finished writing my thesis – a single-page JavaScript chatting app, with React.js on the front end and Express and MongoDB on the back end. I implemented Google’s Web Speech API so that users could navigate the app, dictate messages and have them read, all without using the keyboard. I successfully defended the thesis, passed my state exams and got a bachelor’s degree.

  • Grifart

    Since 2016 I’ve been helping Grifart, a Brno-based company organizing medicinal congresses, rebuild their registration system so that all the processes that can be automated are automated. I have also occassionally worked on React.js front-ends, and I’ve helped set up infrastructure components like Nginx-based reverse proxy or a logging server built with the Elastic stack.

  • Smartlook

    In mid-2018 I started working with Smartlook, a Czech startup providing website and mobile app analytics based on visitor recordings. With PHP being only a small part of the whole cloud-based solution, I also got in touch with React and Node.js applications written in TypeScript, and I’ve got to know Docker better.

  • IVY assistant
    2020IVY assistant

    Late in 2019 I joined IVY assistant, a freshly born medicinal startup helping IVF patients stick to the scheduled treatment. I have worked on an event-sourced PHP backend, and built from scratch an administrative GUI for the clinics, written in TypeScript and React, and featuring a robust front-end encryption solution. I have also done some work on mobile apps powered by Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

  • Školení nás baví
    2020Školení nás baví

    In early 2020 I started giving public workshops, organized by guys at Školení nás baví. The first workshop is all about JavaScript: it explains the good old foundations, shows the shiny new features, and sets up a Webpack-based dev stack. More workshops and topics are to come.

  • Superkoders

    In January 2022, I shook hands with Superkoders, a Brno-based digital agency, to join them as a software architect, helping shape the future of their in-house content management solution.

  • giving back to the community
    alwaysgiving back to the community

    The community has given me so much that it’s only natural that I give back to it whenever I can. I try to help people on Nette forum, write this blog, give talks at meetups, help keep the PHP documentation up-to-date, and contribute to or even create and/or maintain a number of open source projects.

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