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Bootstrap your integration testing database

Testing your application against a real database and pseudo-real data is quite a challenge. I'm going to show you how to automate the process of creating a test database with its schema and filling it with data, all with tools you might already be familiar with, including Nette Tester and Doctrine 2 along with Doctrine Migrations and Data Fixtures.

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Gracefully degrading webfonts

Webfonts have become quite a common sight on websites. They give designers the flexibility to choose the perfect type without having to worry about the availability of the chosen fonts. But, on the other hand, they may be a real problem especially on slow connections. Luckily, there is a tool that solves this.

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CacheFactory: for better testing of cache integration

Unit testing a class that uses Nette's cache can be a pain in the you-know-what. I've found myself writing a very simple cache factory to solve this and make testing classes depending on cache a pleasing experience, so I've decided to make an extension out of it.

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Filtering data by user input with Kdyby/Doctrine

Listing data is essentially the most crucial part of websites. Be it products, articles, photos or whatnots, we usually need to provide the user the way to filter and/or sort the data by some preset parameters. I'll show you how to encapsulate such filtering within an object, build a user interface (in other words, a form) upon it, and use it with Kdyby/Doctrine's query objects to actually filter the data on the database level.

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Introduction to Kdyby/DoctrineForms

Last December, I implemented smart forms via Kdyby/DoctrineForms on this blog. Since the documentation of the package seems to be quite lacking in its scope, I decided to share with you how to overcome the pitfalls I had encountered and make it work.

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Decoupling components from presenters

In order for components in Nette to be as reusable as possible, it is necessary to decouple them from presenters. The cleanest way out of this is to invert the dependency. After all, it's the presenter that requires the component, not vice versa.

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Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator

The need for authentication mechanisms that provide more security has been rising during the recent years. Google has ventured into this field with their Authenticator application which is now used not only by Google itself, but also other big players like Github or Dropbox. And you know what? It's not really that difficult to join this elite group. I'm going to show you how.

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Blazing fast file upload through Nginx

Implementing a shiny new feature for one of our clients, we faced a challenging task. We needed to handle uploads of loads of files. Effectively. Without torturing the server with unnecessary stuff.

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Brand new jiripudil.cz

Earlier this week, I launched a brand new version of this website. It is written in PHP using Nette and Doctrine, uses Bower and Gulp to build assets, and strives to follow current best practices. And, last but definitely not least, its source code is open.

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Configuring Nginx and PHP-FPM (and Nette)

This text provides a comprehensive guide on how to configure Nginx and PHP-FPM and make it run smoothly with Nette framework.

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