CacheFactory: for better testing of cache integration

Unit testing a class that uses Nette's cache can be a pain in the you-know-what. I've found myself writing a very simple cache factory to solve this and make testing classes depending on cache a pleasing experience, so I've decided to make an extension out of it.

The motivation is simple: when unit testing a class that depends on cache, you either need to mock the storage and go through Cache code to find what methods are called upon the storage, or use some wibbly wobbly autoloading magic. I don't think either way is a good one to go.

The thing is really straight-forward with Oops/CacheFactory. You can get it going in just two steps. First, install it via Composer:

$ composer require oops/cache-factory:~1.0

Second, register the extension in your config:

    cacheFactory: Oops\CacheFactory\DI\CacheFactoryExtension

That's pretty much it. Now you can replace occurrences of direct Cache instantiation with call to the factory, so that this:

class CachedFoo
	private $cache;

	public function __construct(Nette\Caching\IStorage $cacheStorage)
		$this->cache = new Nette\Caching\Cache($cacheStorage, 'namespace');

becomes this:

class CachedFoo
	private $cache;

	public function __construct(Oops\CacheFactory\Caching\CacheFactory $cacheFactory)
		$this->cache = $cacheFactory->create('namespace');

The factory automatically uses the storage registered in the config. To provide backwards compatibility, you can also pass to the factory an arbitrary storage, should you need it:

$cacheFactory->create('namespace', new Nette\Caching\Storages\DevNullStorage());

Notice how it streamlined mocking cache as a dependency in unit tests:

$cacheMock = \Mockery::mock('Nette\Caching\Cache');
// other expectations

$cacheFactoryMock = \Mockery::mock('Oops\CacheFactory\Caching\CacheFactory');

$foo = new CachedFoo($cacheFactoryMock);

Handy, isn't it?

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